October 22, 2016

The music and songs of DANNY DEGENNARO will live with his generation and many more to come.

His soulful words and melodies are packed with life stories that tell the trails and tribulations that each and

Everyone of us has experienced at one time or another in our lives.

This is a short sampling of a catalogue of over one hundred songs Danny has written.

These songs are offered up on this site.


Danny Degennaro was an extraordinary singer song writer, guitar player who had the “MAGIC”

“ RIO ” as he was affectionately known as started at an early age with a family band

“The Excalibur’s” from there Danny continued his career playing with local bands marching his way up the rooster throughout Levittown Pa.

Danny became a LEGEND in his carved out section of the World.

At times Danny ventured out into the world of National acts playing, writing, singing with the Billy Squier Band members who he brought back

Levittown Pa.to play signature events. Danny also played with King Fish an off shoot of the Grateful Dead.

“Rio” honed his skills on the stage but more importantly in many, many recording studio sessions from California to NYC and Florida .

In his trail he left a body of spectacular recordings worked on by some of the best engineers and producers in the business.


Danny’s  soulful songs and lyrics give us all a snapshot of his life and what we can look forward to on this journey.




Bucks County Community College

Danny DeGennaro
Music Award Recipient 2016

Emma Spies